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Outdoor pool at Neemrana palace hotel Neemrana Fort-Palace, one of the best India palace hotels in Rajasthan, India
Traditional room interior at Neemrana

Neemrana offers princely Indian style
Neemrana Fort-Palace, one of the best India palace hotels in Rajasthan, India

P UST 100km from New Delhi's international airport, regally sprawled across a hilltop, is the striking desert chic citadel of The Neemrana Fort-Palace. Elegantly restored and with commanding views over the scrub plains of Rajasthan, Neemrana offers one of the best India heritage hotel experiences in an evocative and historic setting. Nestled below is a village and a pastoral scene stretching to the horizon.

Neemrana is a top Rajasthan palace hotel with modern conveniences yet all the authentic flavour of bygone centuries. You may not immediately think of it as an India conference hotel for your next boardroom chat, but it is entirely within the realm of possibility to hold a company meeting for 30 to 150 people. The enduring image though is a sense of romance and adventure. For a Indian honeymoon holiday, look no further. The accessibility from Delhi just makes things easier. Or use Neemrana as a staging point

for further Rajasthan sightseeing and excursions. In its other guise as an India spa resort that advocates healthy, holistic healing, Neemrana serves up Ayurvedic treatments by the bushel. Go for sheer pampering or opt for traditional remedies. Lunch by the open-air pool, enjoy a dance or music performance at the spectacular amphitheatre, or stroll through the hanging gardens.

Small wonder Neemrana is rated among the best Indian palace hotels by the cognoscenti. Kate Winslet, from the Titanic, remarked, "Chandra Mahal is my favourite room in the whole world." Indeed, she came back to her favourite room before long. This heritage resort prides itself on simplicity. Understatement is its greatest asset. It's what brings visitors back again and again, to enjoy a cosy tea on a balcony, or to savour a candle-lit dinner under the stars seated atop a giant stone chessboard. Says Conde Nast Traveller, UK, "The Neemrana Hotels group is India's best kept secret and offers a range of extraordinary places to stay."

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Neemrana Fort-Palace, rich interiors Hotel Facts

The Neemrana Fort-Palace

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