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How to influence our readers and build interest in your brand

Launched in January 2003, premium online travel magazine Smart Travel Asia helps you reach a targeted quality audience. Worldwide . Without Wastage. We help build brand aspiration and help customers choose intelligently in the research space.

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Why Smart Travel Asia?

1.2 million affluent Frequent Flyers

Our global audience has one thing in common: frequent travel (12 air trips a year) and high income (US$156,000 per household). This is a quality audience (see graphic).

Importance of Research and trusted Professional Reviews

They are researching brands like yours and visit our site as a trusted source. We help build brand aspiration (see graphic) and interest. The research space (see graphic) always comes before retail and this is the space - where your potential customers get lost - that we are strongly positioned in. How do travellers choose online where everyone looks great (see graphic) and almost identical? This is a fundamental problem for all travellers. You must be seen in the research space, the first decision-making stage, instead of concentrating solely on bookings. No brand, no booking. It's that simple!
Traveller's dilemma: Online everything looks great

Research is not age specific

Our readers are drawn from banks and financial institutions, government, fashion houses, academia, I.T companies, and multinational corporations. They spend more on travel and therefore take more time on research to seek quality information.

We have younger millennial readers too who, while less brand loyal, spend time researching new brands and independent players as they seek offbeat ooprtunities.

younger readers have less brand loyalty but show keen interest in understanding new products, with more time on research

Research always comes before retail

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Our circulation is global

A worldwide circulation with 70% of readers based in Asia (key concentrations in China +Hong Kong (25%), Singapore (15%), India (8%), Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines); 15% in USA and North America, 15% in UK and Europe (with 8% in UK alone and key concentrations in Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Portugal, Spain). As many as 10% of our readers are from Australia (included under Asia). South Africa, Russia and the Middle East + Iran and Turkey, are fast growing markets.

We help readers make Smart Choices

As many as 95% of readers say Smart Travel Asia helps them make travel decisions after which 50% book through an online agent (OTA), 31% through an offline agent and 18% through a hotel website. High end and luxury product bookings do not commonly happen through a banner click as wealthy travellers tend to use their own trusted booking channels.

We are about quality not quantity. Our focus is on building brand equity for our partner advertisers, not just generating clicks. Research shows that pursuing clicks can be a wasteful and costly exercise. Masses of fake clicks are generated by "Click Farms" that pay bored housewives and students to earn money by clicking on advertising banners and links. Kids are clicky, mature bankers are not.

Luxury travellers do not simply click and book. They have their booking channels. But they are decision-makers who we strongly influence

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High search results and direct traffic

Smart Travel Asia and all individual articles on the site have high natural search engine rankings. We do not pay for links or visibility. And over 30% of our traffic is direct through bookmarks. And we get referrals from social media of various kinds.

Referrals from publications, airlines

A great many readers are referred to us from international publications, airlines, and corporations. Our syndicated columns and reprints also appear in top newspapers and magazines around the Asian region with our URL prominently displayed

Print media reaches nobody

Print media reaches no one. Up to 95 percent of this circulation is idling in hotel rooms where copies simply do not get read. Check circulation audits at the Hong Kong Audit Bureau of Circulation, HKABC, to view some worrying distribution details.

Reader Profile: Travel and Purchase Preferences

According to our annual surveys May-June, Smart Travel Asia readers get their primary brand information online (96%). They are looking for trusted editorial reviews and research. As many as 95% of readers say Smart Travel Asia helps them make travel choices after which 50% book through an online agent (OTA), 32% through an offline agent, and 18% through a hotel site.

Travel and lifestyle interests

Business Travel is, overall, one of the main factors influencing the huge total volume of travel. Shopping is a key pursuit for 56% of our high-spending audience (sharply impacting on visits to places like Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Shanghai and Singapore). Top travel interest include Culture/History (70%), Spas (45%), Dining & Nightlife (45%), Child-friendly resorts (43%), Adventure/Nature (39%), Conference/Meetings (35%), Golf (20%), Cruises (18%), Diving (16%), Resort Weddings (14%), Casinos (12%).

Planned purchases next 12 months

Smart Travel Asia readers are keenly interested in making quality high-end purchases. In percentage terms this purchase wish-list for the year includes Luxury Fashion (56% of readers), Duty-Free Alcohol (52%), Mobile Phone (46%), Medical Tourism Packages (38%), Flat/Holiday Villas (35%), Cars (30%), Laptops (18%), and Video/Cameras (15%).

What are they reading and for how long?

Reading times averages 3 minutes with visitors looking at an average 3 pages. The most time is spent on reccomendations and reviews.

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Advertising products

Top Asian Hotels A4 page for St Regis Chengdu

Top Asian Hotels Collection page

A4 online printable page

Shanghai 2-page pack

A4 online page, brochure, news release for airlines, NTOs, Hotels, Fashion, Cars - Hilton Corporate Discover Asia page

Hilton A4 'Discover Asia'

A4 online printable pages and Advertorials

With our long years of print magazine design experience, we are specialists at creating A4 html pages that download quickly, are elegant and visually eye-catching, and have the ability to print out easily on A4 paper anywhere in the world.

The A4 online pages are sold in combination with banners that click in to these pages and/or with editorial lead-in buttons in key spots.

See an elegant two-page format for Shanghai. A one-page format for Hilton 'discover Asia', and an in-magazine Advertorial style with more text and bigger visuals. All our advertising is smartphone friendly.

Top Asian Hotels Collection

If your business hotel, spa, or resort has a unique story to tell and is hand-picked by our editors - for service, style, beauty, location - you might receive an invitation to our Top Asian Hotels Collection. This unique branding platform features an exclusive collection of Asia's best hotel products. We strongly recommend these to our readers. The section is prominently displayed on every page with a one-click drop-down menu. Invited hotels get a rotating image that features on every page of our website along with a link on the dropdown menu. The pages print out in excellent quality on A4 paper.

This section is the biggest single draw on our web magazine highlighting once again the huge reader demand for quality, and independent, hotel recommendation.

Display Box/ Skyscraper/ Banner/ Cinema Banner XL

Advertising Positions for Smart Travel Asia Inside PagesOpt for prominently placed Display Boxes (Display Banners, rectangle, 300 x 250 pixels) or Skyscrapers (160 x 600 pixels vertical), for stylish, eye-catching animated messages. An ideal shape for fashion and luxury products.

Any advertising product can be placed on any page on the site, subject to space availability. In addition to our Cinema Banners (600 x 160 pixels horizontal) is our new Cinema Banner XL (Extra Large) format at 600 x 240 pixels, which visually dominates the page top. There may be a surcharge for high-traffic premium pages. The Cinema Banner XL works brilliantly for destination marketing and product display. The format is large enough to carry strong visual information - or text - and its position at the top of the page, running the entire width, ensures the message gets seen. Use this for brand building or exciting images showing new rooms, a new hotel, a new property, a shopping mall, or a new car line.

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+Explore = Value Offer for Spas, Restaurants, Shops

Our new +explore... section is a great value, long term advertising option, perfect for a quick, entry-level, online launch. Build awareness of your brand fast and effectively. Buy a 200 x 100 pixel static image ad on a relevant page. Get a FREE image link to your site. Book at just US$1,000 NETT for the first month and continue FREE till 31 December, 2018 at this one unbeatable price!* Book ad spots on multiple pages. The earlier you book, the more exposure you'll get. This section is smartphone optimised.

*No placement on the home page. No statistics are available for the +explore section. One static image will remain in place for the duration of the campaign. No Flash advertising or GIF animation. Client to send us image Jpeg 200 x 100 pixels max file size 20kb and the desired link. Payment required prior to upload.

Download + explore offer details

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Advertising positions & rates (2017 Rates / US$)

Advertising Positions for Smart Travel Asia Home PageOur rates are nett. Any ad product can be placed on any page on the site, subject to space availability. There may be a loading fee for high-value pages with superior traffic.

Home Page Button: Left column, 130 x 130 pixels. US$3,000/ 30 days. Max file size 20kb.

Inside Page Button: Left column, 130 x 130 pixels. US$2,000/ 30 days. Max file size 20kb.

Home Page Banner: Home page Fixed Position, middle or bottom, 600 x 80 pixels, US$6,000/ 30 days. Max file size 40kb. Rotating Banner US$5,000, 30 days.

Inside Page Banner: PageTop Fixed Position, 600 x 80 pixels. US$5,000/ 30 days. Max file size 40kb. Rotating Banner US$4,000/ 30 days. Max file size 40kb. Second banner position US$2,000/ 30 days.

Display Box/ Display Banner: Home page, US$7,000 rotating/ 30 days. Inside Page, 300 x 250 pixels, US$6,000 rotating/ 30 days. Max file 50kb.

Advertising Positions for Smart Travel Asia Inside PagesSkyscraper/ Vertical Banner: Home page 160 x 600 pixels. US$8,000/ 30 days. Max file size 50kb. Inside Page US$7,000.

Cinema Banner: Max file size 50kb, Inside Page only/ horizontal, 600x160 pixels, page top, rotating US$8,000, 30 days. A Cinema Banner XL (Extra Large) format is available at 600x240 pixels. Call us for details on this visually dominant product with a page-top placement. The rack rate for a Cinema Banner XL is US$9,000 for 30 days but we'll provide an excellent package for this eye-catching product.

A4 Advertorial: A4 online format, single page, US$12,000/ 30 days. We do design and writing. We are limited or avoiding Flash objects and video on these pages to enable a smart-phone friendly format.

Creative Services: We can create quality web collateral for you in various formats. Call us to discuss.

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PAYMENT DETAILS: Payment is expected in full within 15 days of uploading to our “live” sites of any particular product/ advertorial/ banner or button advertising. Bank Drafts or Telegraphic Transfers must be made payable to “DANCING WOLF MEDIA” at The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd, Hay Wah Building Branch, 71 Hennessy Rd, Wanchai, Hongkong, Account: 004-110-517331-001. Normal banner and button bookings/ cancellations 15 days prior to upload date. Special advertorial/ advertising bookings/ cancellations 30 days prior to upload or as specified in contract. All rates quoted here in Net US$.

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NOTE: Telephone and fax numbers, e-mails, website addresses, rates and other details may change or get dated. Please check with your dealer/agent/service-provider or directly with the parties concerned. SmartTravel Asia accepts no responsibility for any inadvertent inaccuracies in this article. Links to websites are provided for the viewer's convenience. SmartTravel Asia accepts no responsibility for content on linked websites or any viruses or malicious programs that may reside therein. Linked website content is neither vetted nor endorsed by SmartTravelAsia. Please read our Terms & Conditions.