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Best in Travel Poll 2018 - your vote counts

Straw-hatted lady rides a banca into an El Nido lagoon, Palawan, Philippines. Time to whip out that mouse and click in all your favourite travel brands from airlines to hotels and destinations.


Maximise the Manila thrilla...

Luxury beds, long stays, clubs, and some top casinos


Bangkok shopping gone wild

Flex your muscles and bring along your biggest bags


So who's top dog this year?

Author - Vijay VergheseOur May/June 2018 Best in Travel Poll commences with some new categories and fresh tweaks. Do pop by and cast your vote in a poll where - strange as it may sound - awards cannot be bought and your voice actually counts. There are no nomination lists, just a simple spell check to corral entries.


Taiwan spa hideaways

Taiwan spa resorts, and a Taipei fun guide with 22 must-do things. Plus our Taipei business hotels review.


Best Palawan resorts, dives

Plus our Cebu resorts review for lovers, divers and an exotic Maldives resorts review for all tastes. Boracay dives.

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