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Central Asia's final frontier beckons intrepid travellers

Kazakhstan and Central Asia travel guide - Mongol horseman

Mongol horsemen are a rare sight now in the mountain deserts bordering Kazakhstan/ photo: Katie Aun


Footsteps of Moses in Yerevan

Armenia beds, travel tips, and the world's oldest shoe


Khao Lak explained

From romantic hideaways to pools for screaming kids


Got a Black Magic Woman

Author - Vijay VergheseShe’s got me so blind I can’t see… or work, as Adobe gets the bum’s rush along with other fabulous software on the sleek new Mac Pro. How updates and mysterious 'bug fixes' are changing the way we work and travel. Welcome to the New Age of glorious obsolescence.


Boracay fun, top beaches

Our Boracay resorts review for lovers, divers and some rather exotic Palawan island escapes for all tastes. Cebu.


Taiwan spa hideaways

Taiwan spa resorts, and a Taipei fun guide with 21 must-do things. Plus our Taipei business hotels review.