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Still No.1 - Bangkok displays heart to heal the hurt

Bangkok voted Best Holiday Destination in Asia on 2015 Best in Travel Poll - Smart Travel Asia

Bangkok's revered Erawan shrine with its gold Brahma statue two days after the blast/ photo: Vijay Verghese


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KL plays
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Wickedly good Tioman dives, Our Langkawi resorts review, acres of sand in our Phuket resorts review with a Penang spa wrap and a Sanya fun guide to beds and beaches. Plus Sabah dives.


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Humans not
hi-tech please

Author - Vijay VergheseWhy readers picked Bangkok and dropped Beijing. They sent a clear message that it is human engagement, not hi-tech wizardry that travellers seek. They consistently picked heritage over humbug. There were some surprises too. Spot some of our 2015 Award Winners.


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