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What travellers need to know about the Covid-19 crisis

Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi - the masks came on late February

By late February 2020 procedures had tightened up at Bangkok's busy Suvarnabhumi Airport with masks on and temperature scans as airlines continued to cut flights late into March.


Whither Zanskar treks?

Government bans 'chadar' treks on a frozen river.


Hong Kong fun dining Haven St

Haven St bustles with food and fun retro stores.


And the world will be as one

Author - Vijay VergheseNot quite the way Lennon envisioned in Imagine, but an invisible virus has swiftly put everyone on the same page to protect a single planet. It will redefine globalism, make us accountable, and make travel a richer, more immersive experience, in smaller numbers. Is this the end of over-tourism?

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