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20th Anniversary Best in Travel Poll 2023 - Smart Travel Asia Magazine


Small players pack big punch in a service-starved year

20th Anniversary Best in Travel Poll results 2023 - Smart Travel Asia magazine

It was a long hiatus. Now travellers are back. Have their brand preferences changed? Are hotel and airline leaders of yore holding on to their positions? We'd like to find out.


Why hotels want staff to dance

From dancing to mindfulness, hotels pull out the stops.


Asian hol picks for intrepid

Whale shark dives to rock music in the jungle.

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The White Manager's burden...?

Author - Vijay VergheseThe impact of colonialists on travel in the East, the question of racism as Western hotels arrived, the role of women — and sex tourism — in this mad adventure. A chat with actress talk-show host Crystal Kwok goes off the rails but here's a garbled gist.

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