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Why battling aliens could be the ultimate Covid escape

Travellers could be doing space walks at the space station by end 2021 or early 2022

Space walks and 10-day stays in the International Space Station are on offer from Space Adventures by end 2021 if you have US$55 million lying around/ photo: Space Adventures


Pesky bugs that still lurk in Asia

With your eye on Covid, don't forget these other bugs


Maldives tests the waters

Guide to these emerald isles, the ultimate getaway


Why we need more space

Author - Vijay VergheseTired of being cooped up at home? How about a trip to… the moon? A space walk? A fortnight at the International Space Station? Certainly beats the grocery store. And battling star-tripping aliens seems a lot more fun than chasing Covid in dream destinations here on planet Earth.

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