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Finding the right Thai spa resort - therin lies the rub

Best Thai spas for romantic wellness escapes

The dramatic limestone karst outcrops rise from the sea, reflected in a mirror-smooth pool. Krabi is just one of the beach and wellness escapes that Thailand has on offer for romantics, families, and solo travellers.


Top stays: Shenzhen on steroids

Fast expanding silicon pretender now rivals HK.


Best travel sites, fun
to insane

We scoured the Internet for top sites for you


Eco travel:
less is more

Author - Vijay VergheseFor hotels the grass has never been greener as costly luxury perks are brazenly excised to 'save the planet' and to ease traveller guilt. But do eco-travellers exist and when hotels take away standard benefits under the guise of going green will guests go along with this cheerful get-less-pay-more script?


Economy seats: it starts at the bottom

Frequent flyer perks get squeezed, widest seats in economy, the widest business class seats to Asia, and how Small Asian airlines have opened up the region. Plus the A380 vs B787.


How to pick a perfect Maldives island

Phnom Penh, a detailed Siem Reap fun guide, wickedly good Tioman dives, an insightful Sabah fun guide to jungle adventure plus breathless Himalayan Nepal Treks around the Annapurna Circuit. Plus Bhutan fun guide.


Kathmandu kit for suits and hippies

Mumbai business hotels review, hot Gulmarg ski resorts, more on Bangalore business hotels, top tips for Sri Lanka resorts review, Goa resorts review. More Kathmandu and Yangon.


Taiwan spa hideaways

Taiwan spa resorts, and a Taipei fun guide with 22 must-do things. Plus our Taipei business hotels review.


Boracay back 26 Oct 2018

Plus our Cebu resorts review for lovers, divers and an exotic Maldives resorts review for all tastes. Palawan dives.

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