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Herd impunity - migrating SA elephants turn dust to gold

Migrating elephants, South Africa - this could be a post-Covid safari break of a lifetime

Elephant migration, South Africa - as dust rises, the evening sun sets the landscape ablaze. As vaccinations slowly roll out, South Africa's great outdoors may be beckon sooner than you think


Vaccine passports for travel?

Covid-19 Passport and standard procedures soon


New faces, takeovers, brands

Hoping for a Covid cure S'pore hotels have been busy


Why engines explode

Author - Vijay VergheseExploding engines, snoozing pilots and other trivia that won’t keep you awake at night because you’re probably not flying these days. But you may be soon. Just like travellers, jet engines suffer metal fatigue. Airlines are stepping up scrutiny after the United B-777 blowout over Denver

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Jim Thompson silk, Thai icon

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