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A mixed bag of winners for 2019 with several fresh faces, a new wallet-friendly category - Best Value Hotels - and the return of the Best Leisure Hotels


Japanese vending miracles

How they save lives and help frazzled parents


No rest on

Author - Vijay VergheseThe assault on Everest and the backlash as tourist zones reclaim their pride and privacy. Since the first climb, over 200 people have died on the mountain through hypothermia, falls, oxygen deprivation, pulmonary oedema, poor acclimatisation, frostbite, dehydration, and heart failure. Why?


Taiwan spa hideaways

Taiwan spa resorts, and a Taipei fun guide with 22 must-do things. Plus our Taipei business hotels review.


Best Maldives resorts review

Plus our Cebu resorts review for lovers, divers and an exotic Palawan resorts review for all tastes. Boracay is back.

Grand Hyatt Bali Chedi Muscat