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Best in Travel Poll 2018 - Asia's top airlines, luxury hotels, destinations


Perfect spots to say 'I do' - white sand to underwater

Guide to the best Asian resort weddings

A guide to the best Asian resort beach weddings from Sanya and Bali to Vietnam, Phuket, Goa and The Maldives with ceremonies, blessings, priests, monks, and sharks. Take your pick.


Top stays: Bangkok on steroids

New luxe brands and a slew of boutique stays


Insane stuff to do in Manila

Plus some sober business traveller tips for suits


It's General
Cluster again

Author - Vijay VergheseAre hotel behemoths throttling individuality with relentless consolidation and one-size-fits-all formulae? Whatever happened to that old fashioned one-on-one? Hotel general managers have disappeared into backroom 'clusters' in front of computers instead of facing guests.


Taiwan spa hideaways

Taiwan spa resorts, and a Taipei fun guide with 22 must-do things. Plus our Taipei business hotels review.


Boracay back 26 Oct 2018

Plus our Cebu resorts review for lovers, divers and an exotic Maldives resorts review for all tastes. Palawan dives.

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