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Why techies and suits are
full of beans in Bangalore

Bangalore business hotels review and fun guide - The venerable Bangalore CLub

The sky blue Bangalore club is a creaking Jurassic colonial relic that still holds on to a Rs13 unpaid bill in the name of Winston Churchill - yes, the former British PM/ photo: Vijay Verghese


Just wild Phuket

The party scene is back + Phuket resorts review


22 cool things for Taipei

From hot soup to fortune teller birds and museums


Why I really need a date

Author - Vijay VergheseIs less more? Sometimes it would appear not. In 2017 the postman doesn’t ring twice and has the last laugh. Here’s why. As airlines and hotels cut costs, travellers are at the front end of the belt-tightening pain. Meanwhile I am running late for most appointments...


Best Maldives resorts, dives

Plus our Boracay resorts review for lovers, divers and an exotic Palawan resorts review for all tastes. Cebu.


Taiwan spa hideaways

Taiwan spa resorts, and a Taipei fun guide with 22 must-do things. Plus our Taipei business hotels review.